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The Human Rights Map

The Human Rights Map is a tool to help you explore recent and current examples of human rights abuse in countries around the world.

There is a vast amount of information available alleging human rights abuses. Not all of this, especially online, is reliable. The situations ‘pinned’ on the Human Rights Map are carefully chosen based on reliable sources. They also cover a wide range of countries and illustrate examples of violations of all types of rights – civil, political, social, economic and cultural.

Use the Human Rights Map in the introductory week, and the first few modules especially, to familiarize yourself with the range of human rights abuses we will discuss in the course, and the different credible sources to rely on for information on human rights.

Video: Getting informed on human rights

To learn more about the Map, and the difficulties of finding credible information on human rights, watch the following short video:

Video transcript (.pdf, 91 kb).

If you are having trouble viewing the video on the page, watch the lecture on YouTube.

In the discussion exercise in the introductory week, you will be given an opportunity to suggest situations for inclusion on the Map.